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About Petprojekt™


Petprojekt was born through the necessity to find cool products for our furry family members that are fun, hip, and affordable for all!

At Petprojekt, we know just how important quality products are to our customers. As a new face in the pet industry, we are passionate about providing you with the most entertaining products that feature only the very best value, quality, style, creativity and innovation. That’s why Petprojekt is committed to designing and developing products that push the boundaries of fun, style, and most importantly safety. 
Pet ownership has a special place at our company as our team is made up of all pet owning members who take the safety of products they give to their own pets very seriously. If our products aren’t safe for our own pets, there’s no way they’re safe for yours!
Kava can't stop thinking about his Petprojekt™ toys!
Thank you for visiting our website, and giving us the opportunity to share our products with you and your pets. Please check back as we add fun, stylish and innovative new lines.
Jason Vap

Otomik Products, Inc. / Petprojekt